Season is over, but the Future is Bright

Losing a game that could have been won is hard. Losing a game in the playoffs, in overtime, and by just 3 points is devastating. Final game of the season Piper 66 South 63.

We were the 6th seed and they were the 2nd seed, but by the way this game was played it looked like to heavy weights going toe to toe. We were down most of the first half, but midway through the third we started making our run.

During the middle of the 3rd and fourth quarter, it seemed as if we were in control especially with Piper not being able to score. We made some key stops, and got some huge 3 point baskets by Ed Danis. However, we couldn't stop the refs whistles from blowing in Pipers favor.

In the 4th quarter Piper scored all of their points from the free throw line. No points from the floor! Seemed like no matter how we played Piper defensively we were called for fouls. I won't put all the blame on the fouls we should have closed it out by getting to the free throw line, but we made some poor decisions with the ball down the stretch.

Despite the tough loss, I am extremely proud of how much better we got throughout the season. I don't think any other team in Broward County made a bigger improvement than we did and that's a credit to our teams ability to stay the course. This is why I am confident about our future at South.

We have a great group of players returning next season. They are the most well rounded group I have had in a long time. Not only are they very athletic, but they are very hard working and good students in the classroom. I believe if I have a group of players that can excel both on the court and in the classroom those are players that can form a great team.

I've also had the opportunity to meet some of the future students of 2016, and from what I have seen so far I think they're going to be a special group. The incoming freshman are very talented players and are good students as well.

Now, the next step is having a productive off-season booked with countless hours of skill work. All great programs have off-seasons that concentrate on getting their players better by working on their weaknesses. More importantly being able to get plenty of Spring, Summer, and Fall league games to have that game experience we lacked this year.

For those that are following South on our website and twitter I thank you. For those that haven't kept tabs, you need to start following us. South Plantation is going to do big things next season.

Till next time,
Coach Marino

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