Fast, Relentless, and Inexperienced

Our first game went much the same as our games this past weekend, except we didn't score as much. Today we lost to BA 56-37. We hustled only half the time, took some weak floaters, and turned the ball over. On top of that, we are still foggy on how we need to play defense.

The only good news is all of these things are correctable and we have 57 days before our first game to fix them. After reviewing the film of the game, I saw a few flashes of greatness among a mix of awfulness. This style of play is tough, but once It gets going It will be very tough to beat.

Next Monday we play the defending state champs Sagemont, and the week after that we play defending district champs Cypress Bay and Dwyer. Win, lose or draw this is great competition for the team and will definitely get us ready for the season.

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