District Playoff Game

I have not posted a new Blog in 4 months, and I promised myself I would do one at least once a week. I also promised myself I would keep running at least 3 times a week. I guess I need to work on fulfilling my promises to myself.

The season has been long and draining at times, but we're now in the home stretch, just a couple more weeks if all goes well.

This past Tuesday, we beat Douglas High School 64-59 which is 33 point swing from the first time we played them where we lost 82-53. That first game happened back on Dec. 16, almost 2 months ago. Since that time, my team has bonded and worked really hard at getting better.

I have definitely enjoyed the last two weeks of practice, especially because it seems like the players have been pushing themselves instead of me or the other coaches pushing them. One of our quotes in practice was "The push from behind is not the as meaningful as the drive from within." I believe the self motivation has been the difference that has given us recent success.

We have to play Piper tomorrow, and if we win we not only play in the district championship on Saturday, but it also guarantees us a spot in the Regional Playoffs. I can't predict the future, but from our recent wins and hard work in practice I really like our chances to win.

I'm done for now, but I PROMISE to write my thoughts on whatever the outcome. As a bonus the first parent to email me what our school colors are will win a team t-shirt. Email your answer to coach@paladinbasketball.com

Coach Marino

Location:South Plantation Gym